Features -Mobile App Builder

Create Native Mobile Apps for Your Shopify Stores without Coding

Building mobile apps has always been an expensive and complicated task, but with AppIt, it becomes extremely easy and affordable. It lets you create a mobile app within minutes, matching the UI of your store which helps you grow your business.

Benefits of AppIt Mobile App Builder

Create Native Mobile Apps without Technical Knowledge

With AppIt mobile app builder, you can create, publish and manage the mobile apps for your business without even having any coding skills. Our DIY app builder is extremely easy to use that anyone can easily create their professional apps in no time.


Reach More Customers Easily

Neglecting mobile users in today’s world is a huge blow to any business and in order to properly cater to the needs of all the mobile users, it is essential for an ecommerce business to have native iOS and Android apps. This is where our mobile app builder comes handy as it let’s you create apps in an easy and affordable way.

Enhance Your Business Presence

By using our DIY mobile app builder, you can have a great  competitive advantage over your rivals in the industry. Having native mobile apps ensure that your business logo remains available on the mobile screens of the customers which significantly improve your conversions and branding.

Other Appealing Features of AppIt

That’s not all! AppIt offer much more to help you grow your business.